The Road to a Friend's House... Silver Friendship Cuff Bracelet


A wonderful piece of jewelry to demonstrate true friendship! On the front of the cuff bracelet, the words, "The road to a friend's house is never long." are etched deeply. The inside of the cuff is inscribed with the words, "You are a true friend." A heart is etched between squiggles (~) on each side of the inside inscription.

If you'd like a truly special gift, choose the option to personalize the message on the inside - this will replace our inside wording. Enter your words in the text box EXACTLY as you'd like them written on the cuff. Once the order is in process, the personalization can't be changed.

Individually etched by Hanni, made of heavy gauge sterling silver, signed and quality stamped on the inside. 1/4" wide and 6" long, printed or cursive writing, shiny or brushed matte finish.  One size fits most (5.75-6.75" wrists). For information on how to best wear your cuff, click here.

Shipping time : 2-4 weeks, made to order 

NOTE : If you'd like a simple symbol (heart, star, etc) or two in your customization, leave us a note in the "Note to artist" box below to describe what symbol(s) you'd like, and where you'd like them in your message. We'll contact you if we have any questions!

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