Personalized Graffiti Cuff Bracelet | Custom Sterling Silver Word Jewelry


Our personalized graffiti cuff bracelet is a custom jewelry piece like no other! Choose a large center word(s), words, dates, or short phrases, and any simple symbols that you'd like written on the cuff. You can also choose to inscribe a custom message on the inside. Makes a great gift for moms, graduates, and athletes!

Enter your words/short phrases in the text boxes EXACTLY as you'd like them written on the cuff. Once the order is in process, the personalizations can't be changed. If you have questions before placing your order, please contact us.

3/8" wide cuff (photo 1, 3, 4) : choose 20-25+ words, listed in order of importance, and a few symbols (heart, star, sun, waves, etc.) if desired. 

1/2" wide cuff (photo 2) : choose 25-30+ words, listed in order of importance, and a few symbols if desired.

Usually, NOT ALL LISTED WORDS/SYMBOLS WILL BE USED. Hanni will start at the top of your list and fit as many words as possible on the cuff, in a mix of printed and cursive writing. This piece is laid out using the artist's discretion.

Individually etched by Hanni, made of heavy gauge sterling silver, signed and quality stamped on the inside. 6" long, a mix of printed and cursive writing, shiny or brushed matte finish.  One size fits most (5.75-6.75" wrists). For information on how to best wear your cuff, click here.

Shipping time : 2-4 weeks, made to order 

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