About us - HANNI Jewelry

Hanni Yothers grew up on the north shore of Lake Huron in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula. Huge old trees, wildlife, and incredible views into the natural world instilled in her a love of all things that come from the earth. While spending most of her time outside collecting treasures from the beach and building tree forts, rock paths and sand castles, Hanni learned that she loved to use her hands to build things.  

As she grew older, Hanni began to create jewelry from the artifacts she had discovered in her surroundings. She continued honing her craft and experimenting with new techniques and materials throughout her teen and college years. Though she didn’t know it yet, her career was chosen! After college, Hanni and her husband owned a successful fine craft gallery which was also an outlet for her jewelry creations. 

As the years flew by, Hanni and her husband sold their first gallery, worked strictly on wholesale for a few years, then opened their current gallery. HANNI Gallery is located at 120 East Main Street in picturesque downtown Harbor Springs, MI, and is the main outlet for Hanni's jewelry. Hanni currently lives with her husband, daughter, and two crazy dogs in the woods just outside of Harbor Springs, MI.