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Silver Cuff Bracelet with Vintage Flower Pattern

Silver Cuff Bracelet with Vintage Flower Pattern

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To make this cuff bracelet, I first pressed a vintage engraved flower pattern into Argentium (tarnish resistant) silver. I then heated the edges of the cuff JUST enough to melt them without melting the pattern, giving the cuff a rustic, edgy feel. The cuff is then sanded and formed, and heat-treated for strength and springiness, before being finished.

The cuff measures almost 1 inch wide and is 6.25" long - one size fits most (best on 5.75-6.75" wrists. It is a bit adjustable, but ideally, should be adjusted once for fit and not bent again unless necessary. If you send your wrist measurement, I'll size it for the correct fit.

ARGENTIUM SILVER has a higher silver content than sterling silver, with a touch of germanium added. When heated, the properties of the silver make it more resistant to tarnish than traditional sterling silver.

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